Ultra-Low-Cost Wireless Labels & Tags

Our Approach

We have redefined track & trace with our discreet, low profile tracking Sense Stream™ Labels and hardened Sense Stream™ Tags. Historically, the best option has been a bulky, expensive IoT asset tracking device that cannot seamlessly integrate into a package or envelope. By flattening the substrate, components, and sensors we created a 1.2mm (0.05") low profile trackable label utilizing Bluetooth or Cellular connectivity – depending upon use case.

Sense Stream™ and FlexDot™ Labels

Incredibly thin and designed as optionally sacrificial, ultra-low-cost, discreet, and intelligent devices. Our labels come in 2 standard form factors: our 4" x 6" Sense Stream™ Label designed to match a standard industrial high speed label printer, and our incredibly small FlexDot™ label the size of the tip of your thumb (0.9" x 0.5" and just 0.08" thick).

Our Sense Stream™ Labels utilize Bluetooth or Cellular (via LTE-Cat.M1 and NB-IoT) depending on customer requirements and can last for several months. FlexDot Labels are Bluetooth only with an incredible multi-year lifespan.

Sense Stream™ Tags

Amazingly small thanks to a 0.2" (5mm) thin form factor in a IP65 rated shell. Our Tags currently use Cellular (via LTE-Cat.M1 and NB2-IoT) and can be upgraded to act as a Bluetooth access point, allowing it to manage hundreds of Sense Stream™ labels.


Our tags and labels are called "Sense Stream" for a reason. They are designed with sensors integrated into them for advanced sensing and alerting. We integrate our sensors directly into the label substrate and have a variety of pre-integrated sensor types.

For extreme cold chain, cryogenic, or unique sensors, we can connect via cable into an external, high grade sensor such as RTD, CO2 sensors.

  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Location
  • Acceleration
  • Pressure
  • Tampering
  • Light

Satellite-enabled Tags

Tag-N-Trac offers the smallest, lowest cost satellite-based tracking devices in the world.

Custom Solution Engineering

Tag-N-Trac's team consists of full stack IoT engineering experts and can quickly architect any variants of our solutions portfolio to meet your requirements. With our highly modular and rapid prototyping Sense Stream™ platforms a highly scalable multi-site deployments never been simple to meet customer-specific needs.


Every Sense Stream™ label/tag is designed to interface wirelessly into our platform using secure and encrypted connectivity. Tag-N-Trac’s cellular connectivity works globally through our various roaming partners.