Optimized Visibility


It has increasingly become critical for enterprises to have visibility into their products throughout the logistics and supply chain to meet growing regulatory requirements, accurately forecast supply chain demand, and ultimately exceed customer expectations. The complexity of a constantly shifting supply chain with the requirement for transparency and real-time alerting is creating the need for better intelligence.

Supply Chain Inefficiencies

  • Supply Chain Blind Spots
  • Revenue Leakage with Excess Inventory
Condition Monitoring
  • Bio-Pharma/Food damaged during
  • Cold Chain Transport
Regulatory Compliance
  • Fragmented data makes regulatory
  • compliance unlenable

THE LOGISTICS PROBLEM: Tracking from factory packaging to end destination

International transport and logistics from factory to consumer involves multiple hand-offs between Multimodal 3PLs, Distributors and last mile service providers – further convoluting the ability to monitor shipments of high value goods. Once a pallet leaves the factory, it may have a bulky tracking device via cellular; however, that does not include a way to actively monitor each individual sealed package without spending an impractical amount of money. There remains major gaps and periods of no communication until arrival at a destination.

THE ANSWER: Wireless Serialization & Automation

The simplest solution to inventory and aggregating GS1 coding at the point of packaging is to utilize a system of barcodes. This is either a manual hand scanning system or automated into the packaging process. Regardless, it presents problems due to counterfeiting, no real-time visibility, and fragmented data platforms.

TAG-N-TRAC Redefines Supply Chain Visibility

Tag-N-Trac’s logistics solution provides the fabric for the combination of integrating wireless labels/tags during packaging – creating a serialization and aggregation process. By applying these breakthrough connected labels we could digitally transform the supply chain operations at the lowest unit cost economics.

Business Intelligence Platform

Tag-N-Trac provides a comprehensive visibility platform to capture the digitization of SKU-level to container level serialization and aggregation during the packaging process. Your products supply chain data is acquired, analyzed and converted in to actionable insights to be easily integrated into existing ERP systems via REST API.

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Proprietary Label Technology

Bluetooth labels as small as a postage stamp and just over 1mm thick with up to a 3-year shelf life (application dependent) at an ultra-low-cost are re-inventing the way businesses approach factory-to-destination track and trace.

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