Continuous Visibility & Traceability

Intuitive Visibility & Traceability SaaS Platform

RELATIVITY™ by Tag-N-Trac is a modular SaaS platform with intuitive Dashboards & Reports, configurable Business Rules & Alerts, rich APIs, and Mobile Apps. The platform gives companies continuous visibility and traceability into a shipment's or asset's location and condition from the container-to-item level. RELATIVITY™ provides the business intelligence required to optimize your supply chain and asset portfolio. The platform is device and sensor-agnostic, providing visibility for both Tag-N-Trac and 3rd-party devices and sensors.

Sense Stream™

Sense Stream™ continuously monitors and analyzes data from Bluetooth and Cellular devices and sensors. Sense Stream™ empowers your supply chain and operations teams with improved visibility, faster inventory counts, and comprehensive sensor data charting and analysis. Quickly locate assets and resolve issues with shipping delays, missing or mishandled assets, and temperature excursions.

Trace Stream™

Trace Stream™ monitors and analyzes data from passive sources such as RFID and Barcodes. Trace Stream™ ensures regulatory compliance and traceability by linking unique Sensor IDs with GS1 Serialization and Aggregation codes.

The RELATIVITY™ platform can process GS1 serialization data from L1 Device to L3 Site-Level, and provide L4 Enterprise functionality.

Visualization & Advanced Analytics

The RELATIVITY™ platform includes intuitive built-in dashboards, custom reporting, alerts, rules engine, and advanced analytics designed to improve operational performance. Quickly identifying the location and condition of individual units, boxes, pallets or containers. Asset tracking, monitoring, and trending can identify issues with condition, delays, supply chain bottlenecks, reoccuring packaging integrity issues, problematic shippers, and other critical supply chain issues.

Flexible, Simple Deployment & Integrations

We can take customers from proof of concept to production deployment in just a few months.

Our solutions are designed to easily integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and manufacturing line vision systems.

We have existing integrations in place with leading providers of industrial printers and networking infrastructure.